Hello, I’m Mixed-Media Artist Aubrey Marie Hittle. I am a wife and mother of three residing in South Bend, Indiana. I have been an artist my entire life. My fondest memories are crafting at my grandma’s kitchen table and watching my uncle paint in his garage. I come from a family of woodworkers, painters, florists, and musicians.

I have been a full time artist for over two years. I paint, collage, and make woven wall hangings. I also freelance as a graphic designer, creative consultant, and Pop-up Workshop instructor. I love to participate in the various art events in and around my community, including Art Beat, Meet Me on the Island, and Rebel Art Fest. I won first place in SBMA’s Festival of Banners three years in a row.

I have taught art classes to various age groups at the SBMA for over a year. I have several curriculum that include painting, mixed-media, and fiber arts. It never ceases to amaze me how much inspiration and personal growth I gain as an artist through teaching.  The spark of electricity I feel when someone gets as excited about art as I do; it’s like a form of magic.

Being an artist in this community has been so rewarding. It’s always so amazing to see children I’ve taught in the past, or to have people  recognize me from events I’ve done. I’m looking forward to doing many more art fairs and, hopefully soon, my very own gallery show. My Pop-up Workshops are taking off and gaining more and more interest. I couldn’t be more excited for the future!

Email: andaubreywasstudio@gmail.com

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